Saturday, 3 September 2011


Well here I am with my first post and I guess there is no better place to start than to fill you in a bit about my experience training with the Pixiwoo girls, Sam and Nic Chapman.

What a fabulous week I spent with them in their Norwich studio with 10 other wonderful girls who I am so proud to say are now good friends of mine.  It is amazing the amount of support you give each other through the course and that we now continue to share the support as we set out to further our careers and use the skills, techniques and business advice we received from Nic and Sam.

Throughout the week, we were shown demonstrations of a number of different looks before recreating on each other, experimenting with new products, taking note of new and best products for our kit, how to organise our kit, hygiene, make up through the ages, false lash application ... the list goes on.

Our areas of expertise within the group varied, it went from complete beginners to experienced MUA's.  Instead of being a hindrance this actually benefitted each of us in so many different ways.

This was my natural make up look on Anna.  The brief was to create a 'no make-up, make-up look'.  I used all cream products.  Anna was a perfect model to work on.

This brief was a 'glamorous smokey eye'.  I used bronze shades on Michelle and false eyelashes.

I went for a 'vintage glamour' look for Amber.  I accentuated her beauty spot just above her lip just because it is so damn glam! 

Natalie was my '1970's Diva' ... she entertained us all by donning a black wig and sharing her rendition of Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming Out' with us! :)

It was such a fantastic week and we were all so sad to leave, I have to say we all said a very emotional goodbye to Sam and Nic but I am happy to report that we are all in touch with each other on a regular basis through the power of Twitter, facebook and of course, blogging!


  1. You done a great job! My fav look is the vintage glamour one :) The course looks beyond great x

  2. @Adrienne Thanks! I underestimated how scary it would be doing make up in front of Pixiwoo even though they were the loveliest girls ever! I definitely don't feel like i got my best work across but learned loads which is the main thing - the vintage glam was my fave look too xx

  3. i really love the glamorous smokey eye!

  4. Love what you did on Michelle. What did you use on her eyes? It looks so effortlessly sultry.

    Also I don't suppose you remember the lip colour you used on Natalie. I love it, it's so vibrant!

  5. Oh I'd love to do this course looks so fun! x