Friday, 2 March 2012


If you are looking for some bad lashes to rock your world... then look no further than Shimmer Twins!

Launched in December 2011, Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes are the ultimate in party lashes whether you be raving, moshing or glamming it up with the girls on a Saturday night! 
After being sent a couple of Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes samples I am absolutely in love and will be stocking up for my professional kit as well as keeping some faves aside for myself.  The lashes are created by celebrity Make-Up Artist Holly Sillius who originally made some bespoke lashes for a 'lash' party.  The collection evolved after she started making them for others including for music videos and festivals and now her own line of amazing and dramatic eyewear. 

The brand itself has a super cool image with Jaime Winstone as the face of the brand and having already been featured on the cover of style Bible,  iD Magazine.  They have also found themselves quite the celebrity following with the likes of Caroline Flack and the X Factor contestants all being fans! 
Jaime Winstone
Treasure Lashes come in a range of plain lashes (rrp £8) or creative (rrp £15).  The creative lashes are pretty much amazeballs ... there, I said it! (hate that expression) but they so are! From gold star lined lashes to iridescent pink hearts, they are loud, vivacious and scream GLAMMA!

You can buy Shimmer Twin lashes at ASOS and Urban Outfitters.  Keep posted for some future face of the days featuring Shimmer Twins, I just can't wait to get a night out wearing the gold star lashes.  I think they will look wicked! 

What do you make of Shimmer Twins


Monday, 20 February 2012


Hasn't it been an age since I last blogged?

Moving house was hectic and renovations even more so.  I am living with only a livingroom and bedroom and teeny en-suite at the moment so taking any blogworthy photos has been a little difficult as well as having little to no time to sit down with the laptop.

Anyway, I have wanted to blog about these make up brushes for a LONG time so with a spare 10 minutes this evening, here goes ....

I got to try out some Space NK brushes, which led to me purchasing some Space NK brushes.  Their quality is comparable to high end make up brands and unfortunately so is their price.

I have the blush brush (RRP £28 - my own purchase), the eyeshadow brush (RRP £18 - PR item for review), and the foundation brush (RRP £25 - PR item for review).

The blush brush is large, dense and squared off in shape.  It is actually quite different from blush brushes I have used in the past which have been softer, fluffier and rounder but I have to say this is working well for me.  It gives good placement of the blush and covers a larger area of the cheek, which dependant on the overall finish you want may not always be a good thing.  It has made it into my everyday make up bag so it is a thumbs up purchase.  It's biggest flaw is its price ... for £28 I would rather buy from a major brand ... however, I managed to purchase in the January sales but would never repurchase at full price i'm afraid.

A closer look 

As far as the eyeshadow brush goes, it is great for placement of shadow on the lid, I also use to blend as the brush is quite fluffy despite being densely packed. Again, the price tag lets me down but this is probably because I expect cheaper as it isn't branded MAC, Space NK, Bobbi Brown etc.

Space NK brush on left, MAC 190 on left 
The foundation brush is my favourite of the 3 with it being comparable to the MAC 190 but with only £1 price difference I would personally go for the MAC brush everytime.

Space NK left, MAC right

Although the Space NK foundation brush is a little bit wider, it makes little difference to make up application and these 2 brushes are near enough like for like.

As much as I really really like Space NK brushes, I wouldn't purchase them over branded make up brushes like MAC unless I picked them up for half the price on sale.  With so many similarities to their more popular competition and very little in the way of price comparison, I can't see these brushes standing out in the market place.

Have you tried Space NK brushes? What are your thoughts on quality and price?


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hidden-Lane Hen Do

Not long back, I had an exciting opportunity to work with Kirsty at her gorgeous tea rooms in the West End of Glasgow.  The Hidden-Lane Tea Rooms regularly plays host to exclusive vintage tea party hen dos and I was asked if I would be interested in creating some vintage make up looks for the gaggle of hens.

It sounded like a fun evening so I signed up straight away.  On the evening around 15-20 girls turned up and were treated to a tea party of cakes and scones and tea cups filled with their poison of choice, probably not tea.  While 2 hair sylists tended to the locks of the hen party, it was up to me to give the girls vintage makeovers.  It was impossible to get round everyone in a short space of time but I was able to makeover most of the hen party and a few touch ups for the other girls.  Most of the girls wanted a vintage pin up look with red lips and big lashes.

Louise Bichan, a fabulous photographer based in Glasgow was on hand to document the evening in her unique style.  Here are some of the images she sent me this week.

If you are interested in a vintage tea party themed hen night, contact Kirsty at Hidden Lane Tea Rooms on 0141 433 1240