Friday, 2 March 2012


If you are looking for some bad lashes to rock your world... then look no further than Shimmer Twins!

Launched in December 2011, Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes are the ultimate in party lashes whether you be raving, moshing or glamming it up with the girls on a Saturday night! 
After being sent a couple of Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes samples I am absolutely in love and will be stocking up for my professional kit as well as keeping some faves aside for myself.  The lashes are created by celebrity Make-Up Artist Holly Sillius who originally made some bespoke lashes for a 'lash' party.  The collection evolved after she started making them for others including for music videos and festivals and now her own line of amazing and dramatic eyewear. 

The brand itself has a super cool image with Jaime Winstone as the face of the brand and having already been featured on the cover of style Bible,  iD Magazine.  They have also found themselves quite the celebrity following with the likes of Caroline Flack and the X Factor contestants all being fans! 
Jaime Winstone
Treasure Lashes come in a range of plain lashes (rrp £8) or creative (rrp £15).  The creative lashes are pretty much amazeballs ... there, I said it! (hate that expression) but they so are! From gold star lined lashes to iridescent pink hearts, they are loud, vivacious and scream GLAMMA!

You can buy Shimmer Twin lashes at ASOS and Urban Outfitters.  Keep posted for some future face of the days featuring Shimmer Twins, I just can't wait to get a night out wearing the gold star lashes.  I think they will look wicked! 

What do you make of Shimmer Twins



  1. Very funny ... even though I prefer them black !! xoxo

  2. I never really wear fake lashes because mine are rather long but I have tried shimmer twins! I LOVE and I LOVE your blog and I am your newest follower hehe
    I was hoping you could check my blog out and follow back please?