Saturday, 3 September 2011


So many people I know fear blue eyeshadow.  Memories of awful make-up from the 1980's haunt them and they convince themselves that it will never again dust their lids.

I personally love blue eyeshadow, in particular the darker of the shade, the teals, navy and midnight blues.  Whenever I create a smokey eye, I first of all think of using deep blues.  It's maybe something to do with navy being a favourite colour of mine, it's just so classic and yes, neutral!

Try introducing blue, maybe on the waterline or a well blended shadow on the lower lashline.  Maybe then it won't seem so scary.

Here is my favourite pic of blue smokey eyes ...

Eve looks wonderful with a blue smokey eye, it complements her gorgeous skin tone and worn with a peachy blush that helps warm the cheeks.  She makes sure her lashes are full and dark for extra emphasis and definition.

This is the imagery from Estee Lauder's Blue Dahlia collection.  This is one of my favourite palettes for creating a smokey blue eye as it is so versatile and can create a much more subtle look if required.  I created a look with these colours a while ago which you can see here.

This shimmery blue eye looks like it has a multi-tonal effect.  A look like this can be created using just one colour for a simple, smoked out look that is easy to do yourself.

This is just gorgeous, sightly more shades and products used by the looks of it but the colours are divine. You will notice that all these looks carry a nude lip to ensure all attention is on the eyes!

My favourite products for creating a blue smokey eye:

Nars China Blue
MAC Deep Truth
Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Collection
Shu Uemura Midnight Blue painting gel eyeliner
Make Up Forever Aqua liner in Iridescent Navy

I hope these images have helped you see another side to blue eyeshadow.  It's not that scary is it?


  1. i also love blue smokey eye, might wear them tonight, thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. The look from the blue dahlia collection is one of my favourite editorial looks ever... I just wish I had the nerve to wear blue on my eyes as I have Blue eyes so I always back out at the last minute!

  3. Am with Jen on the backing out thing, I adore blues but with my blue eyes I do fear I will look a little chavvy if it's not executed correctly!

    Good luck on your new venture, am really excited for you :)

    Rebecca x

  4. I love using a dark, deep blue shadow as a liner. You've just reminded me I need to find some!

  5. I love that pic of Eve from the MAC C-Shock collection too. I "attempted" to recreate it back in the day on my blog. Hmm .. LOL